Family & Kids


I began capturing family moments for clients around the time my sister Annabel was born. There was a good gap of time between when I arrived on the scene and when she was born–about 18 years. Annabel's childhood brought a whole new perspective to my life. I've delighted in documenting all of the milestones my little sister has gone through over the years.

I bring this same passion to my family photography shoots because we all know how special the family years are, and how quickly they will pass.

Your family photography session is more than a quick 30-minute session in a park. I would rather build relationships with the families I document and spend the time necessary to capture real life as it happens. Kids sense being rushed and made to perform. Instead, let's build a fort or play hide and seek. Why not make it fun for you and them?

I know that finding the time to capture these moments is hard when you have a million things on your plate. I'm happy to come to your home and document your family, doing the things you do on a day-to-day basis. Or if you would rather have some adventure away from home, let's head to the beach or spend a day at the museum. Contact me to discuss your next adventure!