How I Proposed to My Wife

Keith & Alex, Engagement Photos, Redondo Beach, CA

I convinced my now wife, Alex, I needed to test out some new camera equipment after we first moved to California in January 2014. I had never taken photos of her that weren't candid or part of an event so I asked her to stage a shoot with me. After suggesting several people she knew that might like to be a model instead, she finally agreed to my idea.

I planned for her to get her hair and nails done and went and bought flowers from a lovely local shop.  We walked around our area in Redondo Beach and I of course took lots of photos. As the sun was setting, we decided to climb out on a nearby rock pier (heels and all). At this point, she was 'over' being photographed so I asked her to take a headshot of me. With the perfect light, she snapped a few photos and realized I was getting down on one knee! After she almost dropped the camera out of complete shock, I continued to propose (of course telling her to keep taking photos!) and the rest is history! We ended the night with a beautiful dinner in downtown Los Angeles and drank pink champagne to celebrate. A little over a year later, we were married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I hope you enjoy a few photos from our engagement day!