My love for telling stories led me to wedding photography. I shoot weddings as they naturally unfold. I seek to capture genuine images. Watching a mother tear up as her daughter slips on her wedding dress or a father helping his son with his tie are moments I am privileged to witness.

My approach to weddings is a blend of documentary and fine art photography. I strive to do two things simultaneously: I will let the day unfold and document it as I see it. I will also make sure we capture something unique and different from anything I've shot before.

I've realized over the years that trends in wedding photography come and go. I don't try to replicate what is already out there, but instead create images that are timeless, special and entirely yours. Contact me to discuss your day.

"I've always loved to paint and create meaningful objects that remind me of a special time and place. I've found that the camera is much like a paintbrush, and it helps to form the picture I have inside."
Keith Trigaci